Do All Women Get PMS?

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About 80% of women will say have this period may be 24/48 hours before they start their periods and we call it drunkenly the crying over dog food commercials sign, and then she'll become abruptly like just emotional over things that don't usually trigger the emotion circuitry or become more irritable and angry very easily.

And it's a brief period of time for most women, and couples always joke about it, and how that works for them, and how they work around it, it's only a problem in about one out of eight women, where they have it for many days, so they may have it for up to a week, and it's the length of time that it affects someone, affects their sleep, their irritability, their emotional sensitivity.

So those women that have it for over a week at the end of the cycle those women who come to my clinic and want to have it modified and so we can modify it by modifying their hormone cycle, we can also modify it by different types of medications. The SSRI medications like the category that prozac was the first one of, those medicines tend to tweak the PMS at the end of the menstrual cycle for reasons that don't necessarily have to do with being on antidepressant.