Will the Human Lifespan Continue to Increase?

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No, I don't think we'll live forever nor am I very enthusiastic of possibility for greatly increasing lifespan, I think that this research is going on with looking at a life extension in worms and yeasts and genes. I think in humans, there could be great unintended consequences, there's such as greatly increasing susceptibility to cancer and I'd like to ask people who were fascinated by this.

Now, if science could extend human lifespan greatly and you'd be healthy, how long would you want to live? Now it's not such an easy to answer, I saw a survey recently, it was done online among aging researchers that asked that question, and I don't know how many people respond but it was a fair number and there was this great difference in response based on gender men on average said that they'd like to live 1000 years, women on average said they'd like to live 120 years, which is about, interesting where human lifespan appears to be fixed and the people who did this survey said they couldn't figure out any reason for this difference, and I thought about that, and this sound a little curious I thought about that and I asked some of my friends both men and women is that hard to see why that would be different in our society women are the caregivers, so if you've been taken care of why not life a 1000 years.

On the other hand if you're the one providing care, women seem to be interested in being sure that their grand children will be okay and then they want out of here. But that's an interesting question to think about.