How Far Away Are Major Technological Changes in Healthcare?

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William Gibson the Sci-Fi writer once famously said that the future's already here, it's just unevenly distributed, there's nothing in my vision that doesn't exist somewhere today, it's the integration of all those pieces and the scaling and the diffusion that which is really the challenge.

So there's this common misconception that innovation is about just get an idea and put it out there, as Jim Collins of Good To Great, Great by Choice says, it's the scaling and the operationalization and the diffusion that's a hard part of an innovation. And so all of these ideas needs to be brought together in this ecosystem, in this behavioral symphony of wellness, and they need to be made very approachable and very tangible to individual consumers in ways that it make the right decision easily, and so all of these elements are being developed in numerous institutions around the country both academic and in healthcare itself as well as in the global health care industry, but what I'm really determined to do is to help surport, the open merge eco-system that allows this different components to inter-operate seamlessly with each other.

So the consumer doesn't have to learn 27 different apps with different ways of using them, and bring them all together.