What Have Biomedical Sensors Taught You About Patients?

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Probably what I have learned most about in the last ten years through the wellness health and health work that I've been involved in, is actually patients psychology. That one of the things that we've learned this wasn't my research I was just on the advisory board on the Big Telehealth Project in the UK to a well known manufacture of Telehealth Technology, gave patients a box to manage their, in this case COPD in their homes and the patients absolutely hated a lot of them having this box for two reasons it was a reminder sitting there, on the table in their dinning room, that they had this chronic disease for the rest of their lives, and also when their friends came around to play with them, it advertise the fact to all of their friends that they have this chronic illness so they didn't want to use the box.

The box literally sometimes ended being thrown out of the window so what we have done instead is we gave this elderly hope etc. We gave them an Ipad, so you can look at your grand kids pictures, you can do all sort of things. With this we make it very simple to use and it has a healthcare app on it, and they are happy to do that because they are using the same technology as their children, as their grand kids, makes them feel good it's not just a box that they have been given because they are elderly and they have got this disease that they just do not want but something where they can do all sorts of things that are currently a right fold in terms let's say of looking at pictures but also spend 30 seconds 1 minute doing this pension diary.

This one measurement, that kind of works because they actually like using that technology. A lot of them said to us why have you not given those to us before?.