What Grade Would You Give the American Healthcare System?

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I think we have a long ways to go. We've definitely come a long way so we're not where we need to be and I think that's very evident in the fact that two out of three adults are obese or overweight. $147 billion was spent here in United States last year on healthcare that related to obesity.

I think we've seen more and more that we've become sedentary, and we've become a very fast paced world and in a very fast paced nation but as a result is it's cost and it's consequences and it's toll, which in my opinion is poor health. We've seen an increase in cancer. I have a daughter that's a leukimia survival.

We're seen the tour of stress is taking. I think stress actually is one of the most underplayed risks that help that there as. Stress really, in my opinion, is one of the largest causes to obesity, to cancer, to heart disease.