How Important Is Nutrition in Terms of Health?

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I think nutrition is 80% of the solution to overcoming, say obesity. What we put in our body if we put the wrong things into our body, if we eat them properly if we eat junk food, it doesn't matter how much we exercise we're not going to work it off it also does not allow our body to function at the optimal level.

so it's very important that we are aware of what we're putting into our bodies, one app that I really like is called Fooducate and it's an app on an iPhone that can scan barcodes of foods and it will give it a rating from A to D and I often will tell families, use this in the grocery store and anything that's an aob you can go ahead put it in your grocery card, if it's not an aob then something that you need to leave on the shelf.

That actually is a great tool to help families differentiate what is healthy and what isn't healthy and help them start to change their health behaviors or their eating behaviors in that respect it's a very simple tool to use.