Nutrition, Family and Healthcare

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The whole key to my approach is, let's take modern day technology and rather than, especially in my generation and I don't understand it or it's harmful, let's turn the table and make it so that it's beneficial to our families, it is beneficial to our children, and use it in such a way as a parent that we can help strengthen our family relationships, and strengthen our health and wellness along the way.

I think nutrition is 80% of the solution to overcoming, say obesity. What we put in our body, if we put the wrong things into our body, if we eat improperly, if we eat junk food, it doesn't matter how much we exercise, we're not going to work it off, and it also does not allow our body to function at the optimal levels, so it's very important that we are aware of what we're putting into our bodies.

There's three things that need to be incorporated into any type of a health program that will make us successful, one is that is simple, one that it's social and one that's fun and this is where social media can also help build a healthy lifestyle for your kid is by incorporating any kind of technique or any kind of program that incorporates those three elements.

Now years ago we used to send up smoke signals, now the smoke signals are on the internet, they're on Facebook that is just the way that we're evolving and the whole key in my opinion is let's use this productively and learn to this productively as families, as parents to promote better health as opposed to sitting back and let it destroy us becoming very destructive, social media the Holy Grail in my opinion.

I think we need to really go back to basics. The foundation of our life and the foundation of our health is our family, and it really is whether social media that helps us strengthen our foundation whether is one on one relationships, traditional tools and techniques that help strengthen that relationship, I don't know, but as a parent of eight children, I know that I need to use any tool and technique that's available to me to be able to stay connected with my children, to continue to support their journey down this path of life, and make sure that it's a healthy one.

Some of the biggest issues are the fact that, for example, if someone is going to start an exercise program or diet program and they've started on their own, they get sabotaged by their family. Their family doesn't support, necessarily, what they're doing, or sometimes they unknowingly sabotage, for example, if it's a birthday, they bring in a great big birthday cake, and if somebody is on a diet or trying to reduce the amount of sugar they're consuming, that can also now sabotaged that objective.

The issue, basically, is we don't move, as a people we become very stagnatory, we all have desk jobs for the most part and we don't move as much as our ancestors did. And that combined with improper eating habits and poor health choices and I'd mainly point fingers at the fast food industry.

That combined is the recipe for disaster as far as our health goes.