Do Doctors Get Enough Time with Their Patients?

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There are a lot of people who have things that don't really have real disease or don't really need your help, and there you don't need to spend a lot of time, but for the people who have a serious illness to them that's their whole life, it's everything to them. This is the moment of crisis, and for you to be able to help them understand when it's not so serious cancerous.

There are some cancers that behave pretty well, it's like a shop lifter cancer, so you can say well here is why and here are the tools and here is the sign that have enabled to bring them here. And that's actually important because someone who comes in who has a tiny cancer it's never going to kill them, it doesn't need a bilateral mastectomy and that's may be what they were thinking they had to have.

So you have to take the time to reassure them and make sure that they feel Okay, may be I don't need so much. But you can't do that in 10 minutes, and for someone who has got a serious cancer and they need a lot of treatment or the full core process of what you can bring to bear, possibly being part of the clinical trial where they can be part of advancing the science and maybe get something better themselves, you can't do that in 15 minutes.

So, it's always been my philosophy is that medicine is about tailoring your treatments to biology, patient preference, your own track record of performance or the ways in which these therapies work, and that is the package that you have to put together.