Are There Future Breast Cancer Therapies with Potential?

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I'm excited about the drugs that target DNA repair mechanisms, I think that some of the target therapies, there's a lot of these pathway target therapies that look exciting I know true to my roots, I spend a lot of time on the newer therapy I think that there's going to be a great opportunity for us to start to understand, for whom we can change the micro environment, that the tumor grows up there and maybe able to read the outcome.

And what I like this especially about that is it, gets us a little bit back to try to understand what's causing the cancers and what are the things that we may change, and I think there's sort of exciting things to be looking at. They're called the microbiome, the bacteria, that colonized the person who has cancer there may be opportunities really look for.

I would say not necessarily the traditional ways in which people may be susceptible to disease but there are maybe combinations of bacterial flora dense tissue that allows certain or the environment, that allows these cancers to grow we may be able able to sort of move tomorrow the homeostatic model.

That's to me the most exciting because we may, I will I have nothing more than put myself in business.