Who Controls the Exso Exoskeleton?

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So there's basically two modes the operation of the Exoskeleton works, and the first is the physical therapist mode, and in that mode, the physical therapist has control over the machines. So they have a control pad and through that control pad they can trigger when the step is taken, and so during this time the therapist is looking for the person to shift to their weights sufficiently, and to be balanced and ready to take the next step, and when they are then the therapist can push the button and the step advances.

Our next mode in the one that we are still working on developing is the Human Machine Interface or HMI mode, and in that mode we let the user take control of the machine. So their gestures become what tells the Exso what to do, and so just using the natural motion of the crutches, and the arms and then reading the other sensors to know the body positioning, we can tell what the user wants to do.