What Happens to High Touch Medicine with Telemedicine?

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I have talked to many patients who have been engaged in telemedicine and the video quality is so high quality right now. We have HD systems, that the patients really feel that the distance disappears, because you are able to have such a high resolution imaging, connecting one another.

In fact one of the first encounters I did which was probably 1998. So the technology wasn't so great the band was not so fabulous and he was one of my patients whose mother used to drive him four hours to see me and we did our first when we were testing it and work with a sonographer in my community hospital to do the ultra sound and to help her to do the ultra sound and talk with the patient and his mother and afterwards I said, So what did you think? And she was not a technology savvy person and she said, Tell everyone I'm never coming back, I'm never driving back.

So I think patients are very grateful for the ability to not have to leave their communities, to not have to get in the car and drive long distances for access to care to not have to necessarily wait in a clinic setting for a very long time. The acceptance has been fabulous.