What Is Big Data in Health?

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So big data is very cool. Big data is having so much information that you can't even begin to store it. And we're beginning to enter a period where we can't imagine how we would fill computers or how we would fill the cloud or how we would fill the internet. But what's beginning to happen is, we're beginning to have so many completely new specialties just in medicine alone.

The amount of medical imaging coming out, the amount of [xx] records, the amount of comparisons across groups, it is becoming of such order of magnitude that, we're going to have to search [xx] stuff, we're going to have to start storing stuff, we're going to have to start understanding data in such a way that we're not even going to be able to use it all and to give you a quick example of what this means, we used to do almost all science research by pulling, we would take a subset and see how this group did, we would take a look and see if this particular a sample would work.

And now what we're doing is we're beginning to understand everything has a census. Tell me about every single molecule and its reaction. Tell me about every [xx], tell me about all this, it is fantastic, it's an incredible period. Let me give you one specific example that everybody can use.

Go to something called engrams on Google. And what they've done is, they've, taken every word written in 5% of the books published between 1,500 and today. Now you can trace the evolution of every word, every phrase, every concept. You can tell when artists become important, who's more important, what the half-life of presidents are, what's the half-life for the word God? Is the word God being used more or less today?.