Is Too Much Health Data a Problem?

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Some really interesting questions as to what it does to our bodies and our brains to have this scale of data coming up. If you think of what happens to a tortoise if you move it from a desert and put it in a jungle. Oh boy, that tortoise better adapt and adopt or that tortoise is no more.

Nothing about watching sports. So it used to be that information overload was having a black and white screen bringing the world into your living room. And now even the couch potato watching sports, has a ticker with three different strands across the bottom and he's got what's coming up on the left and he's got the comments on the right and the game is going live in the middle.

So even watching television has become like a wall street trader with three screens out there, and that's going to modify the way we think, that's going to modify the way we, maybe the way we're wired maybe the way we adapt information, we're just beginning to learn about the effects of this.