How Do You Inspire the Next Generation of Scientists?

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One of the things I find the most frustrating is I just don't understand how the hell we make science boring, I mean here's 90% of the stuff in the universe, we don't know what it is, right? We call it dark matter, we call it dark energy. Here's 90% of the stuff in our genomes, we call it junk DNA because we have no clue.

Here are discovery after discovery that fundamentally change our concept of how things are made, how time appears, what you can do, how you have sex, name a topic. It is an incredibly exciting time to be alive, and somehow we seem to be able to couch it in the most dry, obscure, boring, just horrifying language to the point where there's the tribe that reads us, and then there's everybody else.

And when the science community doesn't go out of its way to try and bridge in the ethics, to try and bridge into how things are structured, to try and bridge into what's the impact of these changes over here? Then you know people will ignore them or they'll be scared of them or they'll be overwhelmed by them.

And there has to be much more of a dialogue between our daily lives and scientists and scientists have to get a hell lot better at teaching, at expressing and asking questions of people who have other expertise at crossing boundaries, and that's going to require a whole restructuring of education.