Why Has Our Healthcare System Changed so Little Over the Years?

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I do think that healthcare providers are mostly quite fat and happy with the current structure and they're in charge so why would they want to change? And they also have which is important to mention because I don't ever want to make them out to be greedy and mean and filthy they're just human beings, but there's this idea that we are deliberately conservative because we don't want to harm patients.

Remember our first oath is do no harm. So if I'm caring for you in a scenario that I'm comfortable with, that I have done maybe 100 or 200 or 500 of similar and I know it helps and someone comes in with something new, I'm going to be a little bit cautious about that, because if I give you that and it hurts you in some way then I feel I've done you a disservice.

You do bring me your life. That's powerful, and that is different. So I do think that's an important part of it, which is the natural conservativesness of the system is to protect individuals. The FDA has the same problem, right? There's a lot of interesting conversations about how many lives are lost because of the FDA's slowness, and so there's a flip side to it.

But they're about safety and so that's a background to it. You layer on top of that the economic incentives and it's a very slow moving industry.