Why Do We Need to Focus More on Health Design and Systems?

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Well, design is something that we've completely missed about on in healthcare. If you've ever experienced any healthcare related software where you can attest to that, electronic records are poorly designed. Certainly anything we offer patients, patient portals, it's really all designed in a very uninspiring way compared to what you see in other industries, and that simply, a realization as, that the psychology of how you engage people in general is a brain stem level and limbic level thing, it isn't so cortical as healthcare providers and those who design software for us, we are thinking very in a very complex way about solving problems, so people have said, if we get all these data to these right people they'll solve this problem, we don't need to worry about design, and things are poorly designed.

It doesn't translate to patients. So, design is fundamental to the next generation of healthcare delivery software apps and so forth it's critical.