Does Connected Health Create More Personal Responsibility for Patients?

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While I would say we really do believe that you should be in large part and in charge of your own health, that we are in different era now than we were in the 50's and 60's where most of health care [UNKNOWN] because you felt sick. We understand now that health is an on going responsibility and so much of getting chronically ill these days in our planet is really lifestyle related so in that way, it is your responsibility.

The trick I think is to actually get it out of the realm of health. Health is so abstract if I walk another 2500 steps today, I might avoid some aspect of a heart attack, 10 years down the line. That's very abstract. What I certainly don't want to look fat. I want to look attractive, I want to look young.

So, if we translate it into those attributes of people who are eager for, that's where I think we can overcome some of the abstractness and actually, yes! I think we can get you to be responsible for your own health.