What Is Telcare's Solution to Our Healthcare Problems?

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Our approach is to create mobile medical devices, that automatically transmit critical medical data right to the cloud and from there to wherever it needs to go. So our first product is the first cellular enabled, wireless enabled, glucose meter that has ever been cleared by the FTA.

It work's just like an old glucose meter where you prick your finger, put a drop of blood on a test drip, but instead of writing the number down on a cocktail napkin, all of a sudden the information goes seamlessly right to our Cloud server. The patient gets immediate feedback right on the screen of the meter.

But now all of a sudden, the mum may get it either in sms or can look at our App to know exactly what's happening with her child or you might be equally interested in knowing what's happening with your parent at home. The information goes straight to the doctor's electronic medical record and now we've created a continuous, an empowering link between the patient and the network of care that that patient relies on.