How a Cellular-Enabled Glucose Meter Works

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So this about health care blood glucose meter, it's the world's first FDA cleared cellular enabled medical device that connects doctors and patients and it works in the beginning just like any ordinary glucose meter. Patient puts a test strip in to the meter. I use some fake blood for you, takes six seconds to calculate the readings.

We ask patients to say whether it's before lunch after lunch etc and then as soon as the patients pulls the test strip, information goes straight to the cloud and there is nothing else for the patients to deal. Patient gets immediate feed back right on the screen on the meter, for more than that if you are the mum or he dad of the kids with he diabetes now you can receive an instant text message saying that you send text and here is the number, or you can sign in onto the [xx] and now the mum knows exactly what is going on in school or you know what's happening with your elderly parent.