Why Is a Veteran CEO Interested in Healthcare?

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I like to reinvent myself about every 10 years, and I say to you, what's the most interesting thing that I could do with my life that would actually make a difference in the world? And I can't think of anything more interesting to work on than healthcare, and as I thought about it I said, GI have spent 30 years in high tech.

I have more than 30 years experience in big brand consumer marketing. I spent seven years in the healthcare industry. So I'm still going up the learning curve in terms of getting my domain expertise in it. But I said, they're aren't many people who had that opportunity to have a foot in healthcare and in technology, and in big brand marketing, and I don't run company any more but I mentor.

If I can be another set of eyes to some really talented entrepreneurs, I'm not building the companies, I'm not doing the heavy lifting but if I can help them be successful, Jeez that will be a really neat thing to do for the next decade of my life.