Why Are There Minute Clinics at Drugstores?

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Where is the money made in drugstores? At the pharmacy, so if you can take the formulary and start to say what can I do to increase the amount of traffic to the formulary? Certainly many clinic is one idea they have been most successful when you can actually get a doctor on premise as opposed to just a nurse practitioner for example, and I think we're moving more and more in that direction, we're working on at MD live on a cheus will be located in drug chains and near the formulary which will mean that, someone comes in and then say is killing my sinuses, I've got to get a prescription, what do I do.

We're going to be able to let someone connect to a certified doctor within one minute the doctor will be able to do a virtual visit with them. Doctor makes the determination, whether they should have prescription if so they can write the script they can fulfill that writing the formula, that is a dramatic change in the business model for drug change, it's also a dramatic change in the experience with the doctor for a patient.