What Gives You Hope About Changing the Healthcare System?

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Well I think it would be pretty arrogant to think that I'm going to personally go in and change the healthcare system, it ain't gonna happen. But I think I can be part of many teams that are trying to make a difference, and the opportunity I have is to kind of say, here are the lessons working in other industries.

Here are lessons that I have learned actually in the last seven years working in healthcare, and maybe these things can be helpful because I have also experienced that even the most successful entrepreneurs, when they are doing something disruptive, there's a very thin line between success and failure.

And the risk of failure is greatest at the outer edges of transformation can change and so if you really want to do something transformational, you are playing a high-risk stakes game, having another set of trusted eyes, there's actually been through experiences, made mistakes, you always make more, learn more from your mistakes than you do from your successes, this is something that I think I can help bring at least something to the table.

But am I going to change the healthcare system by myself? That would be absurd.