What Do You See in the Future for Digital Health?

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Well I can't possibly know everything that's going on in the healthcare system, and I focus on something I learned from Steve Jobs which was zoom out, connect the dots, zoom in, simplify. So the place where I zoom out and try to connect the dots, is around the systemic ways in which you can change the role of the consumer in the world of let's say quantified self.

Quantified self means that we're going to have more and more ways in which medicine can be individualized down to the person. I would say Caltech some months ago, and looking at the way they are able to take census and put slightly sub surface to the skin, oxygenate the skin, be able to capture data on 2 million proteins.

So, you take a protein like ferritin which measures the amount of iron you have, and say, if I can monitor all those proteins in a big data analytics, 2 million attributes being monitored in real time for every person, that's totally practical, that was inconceivable five years ago, technically, totally practical today.

So, the ability to go in and personalize medicine using technology that gives doctors data that they could only have dreamed of in the past, that lets us start to rethink, so where should the doctor spend their time? Where should the nurse spend their time? Where can technology take over a lot of the heavy lifting, but it's not trying to replace a lot of the quality of judgement, that the doctor has to make.

So, I think we're going to see what hasn't happened in the education system we haven't seen a reinvention of the education system in the US in over a century, I think we will see a dramatic reinvention of our healthcare system over the next decade.