What Are the Big Challenges in Healthcare?

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It's really hard work in healthcare and the reason it's so hard is that so much of it defies logic, so much of it is governed by legacy systems, protocols that are incompatible with one another. As you move in to the era of the data, we know for instance just getting electronic health records to have been arability, when you have multiple systems that have never had to talk to each other and yet 17% of the patients in on our health care system represent almost 80% of the health care spend, they're the chronic care patients, those chronic care patients have more than one doctor typically and each of those doctors has their own records, which even if they become electronic health records, aren't necessarily available to be looked at in terms of all of those different specialties for a particular patient.

So the complexity of our healthcare system, particularly when the incentives have been around, getting reimbursements out for fees, that not only have given doctors a way to increase their income while reimbursements by the way are coming down. At the same time doctors are faced with the liability risk of being sued, and as you know the trial lawyers are a very, very powerful special interest that has a huge influence over healthcare.