How Is Our Healthcare System Behind on Technology?

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Well, let's zoom out and look at another industry, education. Education is broken many people would say in the United States, we see people coming out with better skills with the kinds of jobs that are most valuable in our economy in the US and yet even though it's pretty obvious things that would help to make our education system more efficient, more adaptive to the challenges of this era, it's still broken and education just like healthcare, huge industry that miss technology and miss the opportunity for disruptive innovation.

Now, healthcare missed the personal computer revolution, it missed the Internet revolution and sure as heck can't miss the cloud and I believe that we have of a real opportunity now to begin to find ways to automate a lot of things that we thought could only be done with face to face visits which are expensive.

That we have ways to begin to measure things which we couldn't do before because of technology, which means we can start to practically look at a different type of a healthcare system which is more organized around metrics of wellness, metrics of improvement of outcomes, things of that sort.

We're getting another chance to maybe do something important in this industry then technology can play a role in that but it's obviously not the the complete solution.