How Do You Define Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare?

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Well here is how I think about disruptive innovation in healthcare, when Steve Jobs recruited me to come to Apple 30 years ago, Steve had the insight that personal computers were eventually going to become consumer products, and that they needed to be marketed much the way that big consumer brands were marketed.

We're at a point now 30 years later in the healthcare industry where it's really possible to think about the consumer era of healthcare where consumers can begin to be part of the solution, not just patients who are at the mercy of the system. And so the things that really interest me in terms of Disruptive Innovation are ways to bring in higher quality virtual visits with doctors which can be done at dramatically lower costs, that would be disruptive.

Ways to go in and treat sick patients, particularly chronic care patients which are most that are spending in our healthcare system. Far less expensively, and where you could actually have influence over behavior change, if you know in healthcare, behavior change is probably the hardest thing to do.

So I think that Disruptive Innovation has a lot of really neat problems that we can focus on and we actually have some opportunities with things that have worked in other industries whether it's financial services with big data analytics with high frequency trading or whether it's being able to use that type of data science capability to do predictive analysis of we can monitor people with sensors.

We're in an era of explosion of wireless miniaturized sensors that are very low powered. The ability to capture data or people in passive ways but to be able to make predictions from that data in terms of what risks they are at. Now these are things that were never available to doctors previously, and I think they can be part of the Disruptive Innovation of healthcare particularly what I call the consumer error of healthcare.