How Do We Change Healthcare's Fee for Service Model?

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Well, our healthcare system is unique in the world that we're a procedure reimbursement model, heavily influenced by special interests. So it's not a matter of what's the best way to solve the problem, it's whats the way you can get special interest to get enough alignment of wanting to support something that things can actually get done and it almost always creates a source-it factory and that's the real challenge.

The opportunity to bring in people who have done things innovatively in other industries is also challenging in healthcare because of these special interest in the complexity of health care, this is not an easy domain to become an expert in and I believe that you see so few so often various/g companies emerging in as disruptive health companies, primarily cuz there is easier things to do.

Health care is a really difficult, it's really changeling, you have to have some of the motivation as to why you wanna come in to be a disruptor in heath care, then just say I want to have a successful company.