Where Are We with Internal Body Sensors?

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Well, certainly they exist in various forms: pacemakers, deep brain simulators have been implanted for a number of years. And so it's really sort of a spectrum and those have sensing devices and of course actuation devices as well, but I think that we are going to see more of these kinds of things, especially for that kinds of applications where really is difficult to get good data just on the surface of the skin.

So certain aspects of blood content, things that you can't get from sweat secretions and, so I think that that's where we're going to see a lot of a ot of progress for the implantables in the coming years, but yeah, I'm having a camera, a miniature camera implanted and basically it is going through your system, people are starting to do that for a targeted drug delivery as well, where they can be guided through the body or for adjustable like flowing through the body.

Tracking it's location and then having it release at a specific point in the body, is a lot of potential for that more targeted drug delivery application.