What Is Your Lab Doing to Fight Malaria?

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My lab in cooperation with my colleagues at St. Jude, Kipkay and others, have been working very, very hard over the last decade on the development of new drugs for malaria. Many of these efforts have failed to be frank but the model in the drug development industry, not just industry but in academia as well, fail early, fail cheap.

Those things that aren't working cut them off, get rid of them quick. However some of our leads have progressed through and to our pleasure we've discovered that some of our best compounds that we have been developed over the last decade have noble mechanisms of action that is their targets, appeared to be different than what the existing targets against malaria have action against and that's important and with regards to development of resistance.

They can be paired with other drugs with separate mechanisms of action, and so we're extremely hopeful with some of our lead compound series that we will be able to move towards the remainder of our preclinical safety testing and eventually a phase one and phase two trial. We're working very hard to accomplish that.