What Is the Future of Personalized Medicine?

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In the area for personalized genomics and genome sequences it's early days only for I would say small number, a particular mutations and genes. Do we actually know at some certainty about what's going to happen. Sure if you have a mutations, and Huntington's disease chain, without absolute certainty are going to get Huntington disease that's one of those very clear cut and dry cases.

Back to one and two with very high probability, a woman with a mutation thus is likely to get breast cancer at some poin in her life. And these are the heavy hitters, the ones that have the tightest associations. As we begin the sequence more and more individuals can learn more about then clinically.

We will be able, most likely to create stronger and stronger associations between particular diesease outcomes, drug therapies, life style choices, nutriton and so on and how that interacts with the genome because our genome doesn't exist in isolation. It also is in communication with the environment, things that you eat, the diseases that you get, the drugs that you take and so on.