How Does Knowing the Genetic Makeup of a Virus or Bacteria Help With Treatment?

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When you find the cause of an infectious disease, it does not normally imply that there's a therapeutic off the shelf you can use, however, even if there isn't a therapy that you can immediately grab and use for that patient. Knowing what the infectious agent is, allows the medical system or the doctor treating the patient, to better kill it with a clinical care, to increase the probability of survival, and decrease the probability of doing something that will antagonize the or make it worse.

I would always side on the side of knowledge. Having the knowledge is better than not knowing at all. You can take the example of a patient with a lung disease of unknown cause, is it a bacteria, is it a fungus, is it a virus, no idea and this unknown case that we're hypothetically talking about.

The standard of care and something like that in a critically ill patient, is to throw the kitchen-sink anthem, the antibiotics the anti-fungal maybe even some antivirals if you are going to take a guess, and that kitchen-sink approach can actually do more damage than good.