Why Is It Important to Look at the Function of Behavior When Making a Diagnosis?

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If you look at kids who have autism spectrum disorders, that they may line something up in a certain way and they may line their cars up in a certain way and that's actually enjoyable for them. It's fun for them to line things up and have a certain order to things. So if you pull that child away, they're going to be upset because you're taking them away from something that's fun whereas if I'm aligning those things up, because I have obsessions that if they're not straight I'll get a bad grade or my father will die in a car accident and you pull me away from that I'm going to be upset, but my reason for being upset is going to be very different than the other child.

So we can't just look at, and this goes back to the the problem with misdiagnosing and over diagnosing, is that we can't necessarily diagnose things just on the behavior. We have to look at what are the funtion of that behavior is and understand that in the context of a child and have that informal diagnoses and the treatment.