Will Doctors Will Be Prescribing Apps?

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Our perspective really is that the future of healthcare should be actually about consumers and it should be about engagement, I mean it should be about actually thinking rather than through the lens of a doctor to a patient. How do we build products, and how do we build businesses that first engage a consumer? And then use that as a vehicle to start educating them about their health.

So we've started working a lot with consumer brands and we very powerfully believe that consumer brands will have a role to play in the kind of whole health care ecosystem because me personally I see a doctor once a year, I only see him or her when something actually goes wrong, but I engage with consumer brands every single day.

They have the maximuscle/g they have the reach, they have the influence and the ability to actually talk to customers far more frequently and unfortunately with much more authority than the one that say you have to see a doctor once a year.