What's an Example of Your Own Type of App Store?

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I'm still working with a company in UK that does executive wellness, and they work with these sort of top tier employees within big, big multinational organizations. They've noticed that across their employee base there are five key challenges that they see recurring. I'll take back pain relief for example, as one.

This partner has come in and created a back pain relief project. They have all the expertise around back pain relief, they know the triggers, they know the things that you should track. They created a back pain relief project, launch it through TicTrack, and it goes out to all users.

All those individuals within the organizations, the corporates, who suffer from back pain relief can go and sign up to that project, and have all of that tailored content and learn about how they should track themselves to deal with that pain. And it goes all the way from migraines and so on, and so on, and so on.