Is Your Physician Always Connected to Tictrac Data?

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Essentially, when you go into the platform as an individual, you start the project and you have your own dashboard when you can share it with the physician they can look at it as they want or you also have a promodule where a physician can go in and create each projects with these templates or they can send out to their patients.

So for example, I'm finishing with a 100 patients, 20% of my patients are diabetic so I can create a diabetes tracking project and send it to them, another 10% have problems with migraines so I can create another unique project with different trackers and send it out to them and I can review that as I want or I can set parameters, say for example if my blood pressure or the blood pressure of my patient ever go public certain level, I can be pinned a reminder, I can see in the dashboard how they ate, how they slept, how they exercised over the last few days.