Is Being Platform Agnostic TicTrac's Distinguishing Feature?

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I think the biggest thing if you have a look, and hopefully if you get a chance to see the way the site is built and the UI that we built it's very, very simple. The infographics are very, very attractive. The system is actually designed to give you relevant content based on what your data says that you need.

So for example, you could go into TicTrac, and our whole user experience is built around the notion of projects so, the idea that actually everyone in life lives life as a series of different projects. This could be running your first 5K, it could be losing 10 pounds because you want to look in shape for the Summer, it could be managing your migraines or dealing with diabetes.

Each one of these projects in your life, will introduce you to the notion of what you can track that could help you better understand that project or that goal you want to achieve.