In a Noisy Ecosystem Why Will Tictrac Have Success?

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Yeah, it's very noisy, we've completely devised agnostic pattern. So the whole setup really is whatever you use, whatever sense or whatever App, whatever device you can put into Tictrac and we will visualize anything you have, so we don't have our preferred partners, we work with everybody and the notion really flosses around engagement, the idea that you can sync differently bits of data pulled them into the platform and we'll look for relationships between those data sets.

So for example you could sync your work countless times we use Google Apps in the office I can see my email and my calendar from Google and I can cross reference that with my sleep data from my Flipit[sp?] or my activity tracker and I can see how my meeting schedule might impact my sleep or how much stress may be impacted by the weather or how my social media activity may influence how much exercise that I did.