Does Your System Reward People for Their Health Behavior?

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I guess the analogy would be within my own personal background with an online sort of advertising and digital loyalty. Our mission there was, you come and like me, I'm a brand, like me and I will give you $5, tell your friends and I will give you $10 and  as you transact and I will give you x. Taking that as an analogy, what we've looked to do within healthcare is actually the exchange of data that the consumer gives to me, the reward that we give back is an insight.

Apart from insight, this is completely tainted to use. So I mentioned earlier, things like tracking your sleep, and then cross-representing that with your calendar, we will tell you. On nights when you sleep, was horrible. On days when you have more than five in-person meetings, you sleep [xx] less, and that didn't cost anybody anything to do that, you're just connecting two data sets, and we send that back to you in a really visually rich infographic email or push a wonder on your smartphone.

In our whole enumeration of tracking, it's actually the idea that you share every bit of data with us, we look forward to data sets you have sitting around you in your life, and we give you back a really meaningful insight from that data.