What Is the Current Treatment for Schizophrenia?

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Current treatment for Schizophrenia include medication and therapy. And it's important to have both. Not just medication alone, but therapy. And the therapy can be supportive talk therapy, for the person to discuss their feelings, understand their feelings, have support but other therapy as well.

One form of therapies referred to as cognitive remediation, cuz a component of the symptoms of Schizophrenia, has to do with how a person works cognitively, how their memory works, how they process information. And cognitive remediation helps that person with that. Another area of therapy for people with Schizophrenia relates to how the person interacts with other people.

Sometimes people with Schizophrenia aren't as able to take the social ques that people who don't have Schizophrenia are able to take, and we all take for granted. And being able to teach the person about that, have them practice how to make use of those social ques, and interact with people, is another form of therapy to help.

The medicines that we currently have while effective for what we call the positive symptoms, the hallucinations, the delusions, are not as effective for what we call the negative symptoms which is some of the cognitive issues, some of the interpersonal issues. The medicines aren't as effective for that.

The biggest problem with the current medicine relates to side effects. And that is a major problem. And in treating people with Schizophrenia, the goal is to use the lowest dose possible to minimize the side effects and treat with the lowest dose, and that keep a very close eye, and also to try to choose a medicine based on side effect profile, in order to minimize those side effects.