What Is the Current Treatment for Schizophrenia?

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The model for treatment is what it's called multi element team based treatment meaning that you use specific pharmacologic and phycosocial treatments to address the various needs of a person that has you can think of a disease management. It's not enough just to get somebody a medication which suppresses their psychotic symptoms and stabilize system.

You also need to help them to regain the footing in their life, which was resume college to re-enter kind of the social scene, to recover their cognitive faculty which may be injured in the psychotic episode that held beyond [xx] of their illness, and these things may entail [xx] mediation, may entail some type of support of a psychotherapy, may entail it's called supported employment or supported education since often times the answer it occurs when people are in college because that's the age and period, it's also a stressful transitioning time.

Somebody gets sick, freshman's [xx], they're out of school for a period of time, and medical leave, they're treated, get better they want to get back to school, they just rushed back to school it's like if you break a leg and it recovers, you just don't start skiing again or playing tennis again, you need to easy back into it.

So, to facilitate that here are things called supported education, supported employment. That are desirable and very effective. Now, this are all evidence based treatments. This are not things that we think it's a good idea to do. This are things have been developed, tested, shown to be effective, and are part of what would be considered state of the art treatment, but state of the art treatment unfortunately is not standard of care.

Why? Because we don't provide these treatments everywhere, or we don't reimburse so they are not widely available.