What Causes Schizophrenia?

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It's now known that the predominant cause of the illness has to do with brain development, and the main cause of the abnormality that occurs in brain development is caused by genetic contributions, genes, and specifically, in light of the most recent research, gene mutations.

It is not a single gene auto-simuldominant disorder like cystic fibrosis or [UNKOWN] disease, it is a multi-genic complex genetic disorder like Type 2 diabetes or essential hypertension. And what seems to be the genetic basis for it is that there are high individuals that are vulnerable to develop Schizophrenia, a number of mutations that occur in various genes and by mutations, they usually occurring in the form of some variation in the number of copies of the gene, either too few or too many.

Copy number variant and if too many mutations occur in different genes, or if the mutations occur in genes which are critical for the production of proteins that are involved in brain development, some migration, synaptic connection, this sort of produces the foundation of the diathesis from which an individual later in life will develop Schizophrenia.