What Are Delusions Versus Hallucinations?

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There are different types of symptoms. Delusions are basically cognitive disturbances where people's ideas and beliefs become distorted, and not based in reality. Somebody thinks their neighbors are listening to them through their walls, or that their teachers at school dislike them, and are failing them giving them bad grades, or that the CIA is bugging their home, and these are strange ideas or false ideas that people have complete conviction, and they can't be talked out of it.

You can show them all the evidence you want, you can tell them about the implausibility and they can't be talked out of them. They are incorrigible whereas hallucinations are essentially perceptual abnormalities, that is you hear things and it usually comes in the form of voices, and there is no external stimulus that's producing the voice.

You may see things, you may smell things, you may feel things, but there is no stimulus that's really producing it. The hallucinations and the delusions are particularly problematic not just for the individual but for society because when we have this, as we are having now increasingly and repeatedly, this violent incidents in civilian massacres that make no sense to the extend that they involve perpetrators who have untreated mental illness, [xx].

They are recurring because these peoples dillusions are telling them to do this, making them think they have to do this. Adrea Yates, for example, woman in Texas who killed her children believed that they were essentially agents of the devil, and she had to kill them to rid them from humanity.

Other people are listening to the voices, the voices say that these people that are coming towards you are going to attack you, you have to kill them first. And you'll find that people will act on these and it's not a crime of passion, they're not robbing somebody, they're killing somebody, they have no relation to, and reason to because of being impelled by their symptoms.