How Can Investing in Biomedical Research Cut Healthcare Costs?

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Our country is grappling with what it considers to be sort of a crisis which is how to fund healthcare in the most cost effective and beneficial way and our government cannot be able to come up with a way to do that. We have the [xx] but that's been a huge political battle and continues to be it's just an example of how the difficulty, that her country, has had, in trying to formulate an approach.

The biggest concern, is obviously this burgeoning expenditures, that are occurring, although cost containment, in this different ways of delivering care are important. Probably the best solution to controlling health care cost is through research, through understanding the cause and nature of illnesses and developing better treatments, ranging from very sophisticated treatments to the things that can be done for prevention at the early stages of people's lives in lifestyle.

We're really severely and self destructively under-funding this approach to bio-medical research. Our country's budget is about $3.4 trillion, the federal budget. The main source of funding for bio-medical research comes from the NIH. NIH budget is barely $30 billion, so that's a fraction of 1% of our total budget.

We built over the course of the post World War II period a impressive and leading infrastructure and workforce in bio-medical research which is now being severely eroded because of this under-funding. We have people going into medicine and going into brain sciences of medicine, some of the most talented people in our society, and they cannot do what they've committed themselves to do because we can't get funding, and this seems to be so short-sighted and self-defeating that I feel that there has to be a better recognition on the part of the government and really the national sort of populous as to how this is affecting us, because if it continues for very much longer, the damage is going to be very difficult to rectify, it's going to take decades to rectify.