What Is the Role of Genetics and Environment with Bipolar Disorder?

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The role of genetics environment in bipolar, again, we're beginning to better understand it but there are, as is the case with other illnesses, psychiatric illness and other illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, there's an interplay between a genetic or an inherent vulnerability that a person may have or susceptibility that the person has, and environmental factors that may bring it on.

So it's important in terms of what we can control, or the environmental factors, so it's important that people have good sleep habits and sleep properly, exercise properly. It's important that people handle stress. We all have stress, so I would say avoid stress and yes, please do, but that's much, much easier said than done, but how the person manages stress is probably as important as avoiding stress since we're all going to have stress.

So, all of those factors together can help a person and may actually minimize the risk of developing Bipolar disorder, and if a person has Bipolar disorder, taking those steps can minimize the risk of having another episode.