How Do We Fix Our Healthcare System?

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I think that we have to start from the idea that health is first of all right, that means that it is a shared responsibility. Second, the health is a system. It is not simply delivery of a commodity, apples and oranges that you'd get it at the grocery store, it's a connected system of knowledge, when a human being is part of the system they should be treated in a holistic way.

That means attention to their lifestyle behaviors, risks and choices that they make, or are forced to make by their circumstances. If an individual falls sick, it's not one doctor or one nurse that's likely to treat them in modern medicine, it is a whole network of institutions from clinics to diagnostic units to specialists that would confer on this to perhaps home workers.

And in less we view that in an inter-connected way, we end up with a tremendous multiplication of cost, duplication and we make the health system un affordable for the poor. And so I believe that in a way, how technology of this sector has evolved from what used to be may be 100 years ago.

A family doc who could do a few things but not that many to this modern high information often very highly data driven interconnected network also should press us to have a different kind of delivery system often. There really should Electronic Medical Records that follow the individual that don't follow the medical practice, different specialists should have an easy way to discuss a patient situation not the extraordinary complexity of shifting from one group to another with all the payments and papers, everything else that needs to be certified and records not followed a test not following in all that needs to be duplicated.

It's not going to be easy to get from here to there because this system is not only highly advanced in its nature right now in the sense that we're spending 18% of national income on this system. But, the vested interests are obviously are extraordinarily powerful. So, that whenever we talk about health reform, the first thing is well can't do this, can't do that, won't do that, maybe we'll do this a little bit and all the steps that would be needed to get to a more rational and also more humane system seem to be taken off the table before you even get started.