Have We Become Too Reliant on Technology in Healthcare?

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First of all I think we could observed it, many other countries use advanced technologies and spent 10% of their national income or 12% of their national income rather than 18% of their national income and get at least as good result at much lower cost. I don't it's the technology per se, I think it's the lack of a system, for utilizing that technology, that is more important.

Also, information technology, ought to be a great cost saver. We're living in an era where the cost of managing information, whether it's processing it, transmitting it, or storing it, has declined by a factor of one billion since 1960, so called Moore's law, because of that we ought to be able to do a lot more at much lower cost, not higher cost, so technology can be a great saver of resources as well, but only if it's used properly, if we don't have electronic medical record to take advantage of all these, then we're not going to save the costs.