How Is the Internet Changing the Way We Communicate?

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The Internet is the world of everything, you can read the greatest novels, you can explore the latest thinking, you can converse with people across cultures instantaneously, you can experience the joy of being human with somebody who you will never meet. You don't have to speak through the pages of a dead person, you can literally speak to a live person with that brilliance.

Yes the world is filled with a history of brilliance, there's probably been I think some estimates about 110, 120 billion people who have ever lived. So 7 billion out of 120 billion are alive today a significant portion of people who've ever lived are alive today, and the Internet is the tool to talk to them.

To connect to them, to see their work, it's a beautiful, wonderful thing. So I think it's a question of appreciating the beauty of the future, of the capacity for the world to enjoy things without cost, without location, without geography, without time of day, without family circumstances.

There are children being inspired on the Internet that are 10 times or 100 greater than all the libraries in the world have ever inspired anybody, and yet I love the library so the world. So this is a great time, the transition is to the better in so many ways, and the things we are loosing they won't be lost forever, they will be relegated to the arts in a way that you go and touch books.

We're living at the end of the age of book. Books survive we'll have ink on paper we'll be 600 years of human history, they will start in 1450 and they will end in 2015. Ink on paper will be gone, however books will not be gone, letters writing will not be gone, poetry will not be gone, music will not be gone, spirituality will not be gone.

The things we celebrate in the world of art will not be gone. They will be with new mediums and new forms of distribution and enjoyment but they will not be gone.