How Do We Inspire the Next Generation?

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I think that America is about inspiring our young people and providing opportunity, and providing a culture that accepts differences, that embraces tolerance, that cares about its citizens in ways that demonstrate to kids that whether you want to work on climate change or you want to work on the great cures in health and medicine, or whether you want to work on video games, that's what we want to inspire.

We want to unleash the energy of our nation. We inspire our next generation every day by our actions. It's the teachers who teach, it's the parents who parent, it's the leaders who engage young people, it's our colleges and universities that reach out and spend time with younger people.

We inspire people in our churches and synagogues when we talk about humanistic values, we inspire people when we teach the history of our nation, and where we come from and how we got here. We inspire people through selfless acts day in and day out. People are inspired by actions, kids aren't stupid, they're inspired by real things, real people doing real things.

Every one of us has the responsibility to inspire people and when we dont we lose and I think as a nation we're doing pretty good.