Does Science Have All the Answers?

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I have spent a great deal of my life at the intersection of behavior and technology, of thinking about how those two things work together. Science is a process of exploration and discovery for which numerous contradictory elements are constantly being brought into the world and ultimately resolved through a lengthy and detailed process called the scientific method.

Science doesn't have an answer to anything, science just has the current observation of what it think it knows. Here's the good news, all the science is wrong, every last bit of it. We know it's all wrong, it's always been all wrong that doesn't mean it's useless, it doesn't mean it's unhelpful, it just means it's wrong.

If you are looking for T, a true for the capital T science doesn't have it. Science has the best understanding in a multiple viewpoint way in any given moment. Science is been the the best tool we have ever discovered as humanity to understand things. Now there are places where science has no role.

Science cannot help us understand the soul, it cannot help us understand love in any meaningful way. It can't help us understand so much of what it means to be human, it runs head along in the social sciences against irrational appearing behavior, which of course isn't irrational, or it's rational for the people behaving.

It runs up against the limits of humanity. Science is a powerful process, but it's not a set of answers and people look for science as a place for answers will not only be disappointing they will be angry because ultimately it's feet of clay, science doesn't have answers.