Why Don't Population Statics Work for Individual Health and Wellness?

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We've got to get away from using population statistics for you and I. We've got to know what our personal values are, and that's the way we need to be treated. The best way to, probably, outline it is to say we have not the slightest idea when a patient gets sick, and you're probably going to look at me like what are you talking about.

Well, if I ask my colleagues, tell me when your patient becomes hypertensive. Oh, well the immediate knee jerk reaction, when the patient's blood pressure goes above 120/80, and between 139/89, they're pre-hypertensive and whether it's above 140/90, they're definitely hypertensive.

Well I say to them, you know what 120 over 80 is not the uppper limit, that may be a population statistic that we have put together and said, Okay everybody in the population has to fit within that normative value. But I often use my wife as in example of most women, they have lower blood pressures than most men, that's why women live longer than we do for the most part.

For my wife's blood pressure normally is 90 over 60, if I had a blood pressure 90 over 60, you'd be calling the emergency medical services for me right now. The second year following good standard medical protocol she goes in for another annual physical exam and now her blood pressure is 100/70 and the following year it's 105/75 and then it's 110/80 all this years what is her doctor telling her? Oh Mr.

Sanders your blood pressure is perfectly fine, well I would sit down with that physician and say for the last four years you've been hypertensive, and the doctor will look at me and say, Jay what are you talking about? Her blood pressure's been below 120/80, I said for her, she's hypertensive.