What Is the Future of Personalized Medicine?

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What I view as tomorrow's healthcare delivery system, is that we have these nano optrusive sensors. Now if I told your watch was a sensor, you'd look at me and say what are you talking about? Well in fact the watch, will be a nano optrusive sensor. Will not only tell us the time or day, it will tell us my blood glucose, it will tell me what my rhythm is, it will tell me what my temperature is, what my top post as cemetry is or even more sophisticated but a lot of the people don't like to hear this, these sensors will actually be circulating, in our bodies as nano sensors.

They will be smaller than red blood cells, so they will be able to get through every capilary and they will be circulating. There will be an artificial nervous system. There would be an artificial autonomic nervous system. There will be an artificial endocrine system. They will immediately let my wife know that her blood pressure has been going above 90 over 60 or that my normal blood glucose fast thing blood glucose of 75 has now been constantly 85 for the last six months.

We're going to be wearing intrusively, maybe this is a phrenology, a medical dashboard just like when we get into our car and we turn on the ignition. We all of a sudden know everything about that car. Everything, the only thing we nothing about, is the person driving it. Now, we will be able to whether we're driving a car, whether I'm sitting here talking to you, I don't know exactly what's going on with me.

Now, will I constantly be getting information overload which is something not only the patient doesn't want to deal with but certainly the doctor doesn't want to deal with ,absolutely not. We'll have artificial intelligence programs built into our sensors and that sensor will probably be our smartphones.

And it will only allured us to the temperature in the car being warmer than it should be, or the fuel level being lower. It will tell me about my body temperature being higher than it should be alright, or my energy expenditure being lower than it should be because it will have the artificial intelligence built into that wrist watch, that smartphone and will only alert me when I go outside the normal parameters for me that's personalized medicine from my sample.